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Neck and Lower Back Pain Treatment in Etobicoke
If you're experiencing neck or lower back pain caused by an accident, injury, or prolonged work hours, it's crucial to seek relief from a chiropractor. Don't delay seeking treatment until your daily activities become unbearable. Act now to address the pain and prevent further limitations in your everyday life. Dr. Allan Ettenson at Lakeshore Village Chiropractic Centre offers a full range of chiropractic services and efficient treatments for all your neck and lower back pain in Etobicoke.
Dr. Allan Ettenson has extensive experience treating joint and spinal pain and can treat your neck or lower back pain in Etobicoke. We help to reduce the pain so you can carry on with performing your daily routine without extreme difficulty and discomfort and, at the same time, prevent it from becoming a recurring problem.
Keep reading to learn more about the types of injuries we treat, and be sure to check out our section on joint pain. If you are having trouble visiting the clinic, we can also provide you with chiropractic care online via FaceTime, Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp video calling.
Lower Back Pain
Long working hours, sports injuries, injuries due to a car accident, improper lifting or sitting in the wrong postures are some of the common reasons which cause lower back pain. Lower back pain impacts your well-being and disrupts your daily activities. Seeking chiropractic care can relieve lower back pain and alleviate muscle inflammation. Additionally, chiropractic treatments enhance mobility and aid in healing injured muscles and tissues. Experience the benefits of chiropractic care for improved health and a restored daily routine.

Lower Back Pain - Symptoms
Low back pain can manifest in various forms, exhibiting a range of signs and symptoms. The most prevalent indications of low back pain are as follows:

  • Sharp pain in the lower back

  • Restricted range of motion in the back

  • Dull aches in the back, buttocks, and legs

  • Sensation of heaviness in the leg

  • Shooting or burning pain radiating down the leg

  • Pins and needles or numbness experienced in the leg

These are common indicators associated with low back pain, highlighting the diverse ways in which it may present itself.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Etobicoke 
Dr. Allan Ettenson at the Lake Shore Village Chiropractic Center can offer the right treatment to overcome lower back pain. Consider us to develop a course of treatment meeting your diverse lower back pain needs. Some of our therapies are:

  • Soft tissue therapy: It is used to relax the tight and sore muscles. When your muscles are your source of pain, there are various ways to relax and treat those muscles. For instance, manual therapy, trigger point therapy, and instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy.  


  • Manual therapy: refers to the stretching of muscles while applying pressure. Manual therapy is usually used to regain motion within a joint. Our chiropractors achieve this either by slow and gentle stretching or quick but gentle manipulation of the affected joint. 


  • Exercise therapy: Dr. Allan Ettenson in Etobicoke can provide you with a simple exercise that you can do at home. These exercises will reduce the pain and prevent it from recurring.

It is critical to take lower back pains seriously. Your pain may worsen over time if it is not treated promptly. Check our frequently asked questions. Give us a call today, and we can help you reduce your pain.
Spinal Pain
Experiencing spinal pain can significantly impede everyday activities, making even the simplest tasks more challenging. While your spine can naturally handle normal stretching and compression, excessive or repetitive forces can lead to injury in the small joints. This can result in cartilage damage, ligament tears, muscle spasms, or restricted joint motion. Such damage gives rise to a sprain or injury in the spinal joint, which, similar to other sprains, is often accompanied by swelling, stiffness, and pain.

Spinal joint injury is one of the most common neck and back pain sources. They can occur in the following three areas:

  • Neck (Cervical Spine)
  • Upper back (Thoracic Spine)
  • Lower back (Lumbar Spine and Sacro-iliac Joints)

Causes of Spinal Joint Injuries
Spinal joint injuries are rather common and can sometimes happen suddenly or by stress that builds up over time. Most occur in one of these three ways: 

  • Pain occurs suddenly after specific stress or strain, such as improperly lifting a heavy item
  • A build-up of pain or stiffness happens gradually over time caused by repetitive stress
  • Pain occurs after what seemed to be an innocent movement but was really caused by underlying, existing joint weakness

Spinal Injury Treatment in Etobicoke
From medical research, we have learned that spinal injuries recover most effectively through treatment with spinal mobilization and adjustments in combination with appropriate exercises. The Chiropractic adjustments help to restore proper motion to the injured joints, and the therapeutic exercises help to strengthen the damaged muscles, thus providing pain relief.
In order to treat the spinal injury and provide pain relief optimally, the treatment is carried out in a phased manner. The initial back or neck pain treatment phase in our Etobicoke clinic focuses on reducing inflammation and tissue injury. Symptoms of spinal injury can be significantly improved in two to three weeks with proper treatment and exercises. After the initial treatment phase, the therapy focuses more on restoring full movement to the injured joint. This is an important part of the process, as doing so will strengthen the joint and make it less prone to similar injuries.
The recovery time frame will depend on other factors, such as the length of time from the original injury, the extent of tissue damage, whether degeneration or arthritis is present and the person's age.


Reasons Behind Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can stem from various causes, impacting your daily life and overall well-being. Understanding these reasons is crucial for addressing the root of the issue and finding effective solutions. Common factors contributing to lower back pain include:


Poor posture

Prolonged periods of sitting or standing with incorrect posture can strain the muscles and ligaments in your lower back, leading to discomfort and pain.


Muscle strain

Overexertion, sudden movements, or lifting heavy objects improperly can result in muscle strains, causing lower back pain.


Spinal issues

Conditions like herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, or spinal stenosis can affect the structures of the spine, triggering lower back pain.


Injuries and trauma

Accidents falls, or injuries from sports or physical activities may cause trauma to the lower back, resulting in pain and discomfort.


Lifestyle factors

Sedentary lifestyles, lack of regular exercise, and obesity contribute to lower back pain by weakening the supporting muscles and putting excess strain on the spine.


Medical conditions

Underlying medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or infections can manifest as lower back pain and require specialized attention.

Importance of Timely Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Timely intervention is crucial when dealing with lower back pain to prevent the exacerbation of symptoms and ensure a swift recovery. Here's why prompt treatment matters:


Preventing chronic pain

Addressing lower back pain early helps prevent it from evolving into chronic, persistent pain that can significantly impact your quality of life.


Avoiding functional limitations

Untreated lower back pain may lead to functional limitations, hindering your ability to perform everyday tasks, work, or engage in physical activities.


Enhancing mobility

Timely treatment promotes faster healing and restoration of mobility, allowing you to resume regular activities without prolonged discomfort.


Reducing secondary issues

Lower back pain can contribute to secondary issues like muscle imbalances or altered posture. Timely treatment mitigates these issues, preventing further complications.


Improving overall well-being

Addressing lower back pain positively impacts your overall well-being, promoting better physical health, mental well-being, and an improved quality of life.

When Do You Need Professional Help

While minor back discomfort may resolve with self-care, certain signs indicate the need for professional intervention. Consider seeking a chiropractor's expertise when:


Persistent pain

If your lower back pain persists for more than a few days despite self-care measures, consulting a chiropractor can help identify underlying issues.


Radiating pain

Pain that radiates down your legs or causes numbness and tingling may indicate nerve compression, requiring professional assessment and care.


Post-injury pain

Following an injury or trauma, professional evaluation ensures a comprehensive understanding of the extent of damage and appropriate treatment.


Limited mobility

Difficulty moving, bending, or performing regular activities due to lower back pain necessitates professional attention to address mobility issues.


Worsening symptoms

If your symptoms worsen over time or are accompanied by additional concerns, consulting a chiropractor helps determine the best course of action for effective relief.

Seeking professional help promptly ensures accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and guidance on preventing future occurrences of lower back pain in Eboticoke. Dr. Allan Ettenson's expertise in chiropractic care can be instrumental in addressing your lower back pain concerns and promoting optimal spinal health. Don't let lower back pain limit your lifestyle; take proactive steps for effective relief and lasting well-being.

There are numerous types of headaches. The most common forms are tension headaches and migraines. There are many triggers for these types of headaches.

But, common factors are injury, stress or irritation to the spinal joints, muscles or nerves of the neck. Common causes are postural strain, trauma from car accidents or degeneration processes. There are nerves in the neck that supply the muscles and blood vessels of the head.

Irritations to these nerves can transfer the pain up into the head. Chiropractic Treatment by Dr. Allan Ettenson can greatly improve an injured neck, subsequently reducing the intensity and frequency of headaches and providing much-needed pain relief.

Joint Pain

Joint pain can be a major inconvenience in everyday life. Once pain-free tasks can be made more difficult and sometimes impossible. Chiropractic treatment can often be very effective at treating injuries to the shoulder, knee and hip joints and can help ease the pain. Dr. Allan Ettenson can provide proper treatment to help you recover from feeling yourself.


Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder pain can be caused by various injuries. The first step to finding relief is to get the proper diagnosis for the cause of the pain. Once that is determined, the proper treatment can be planned and carried out. Any of the following can cause shoulder pain:


  • Rotator cuff tendinitis and impingement
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Referred pain from the neck or upper back
  • Trauma to joint
  • Degeneration


Knee Injuries

Injuries to the knee are very common, often resulting from wear and tear, trauma or overuse. In these types of injuries, the knee must first be examined to identify which part of the knee has been injured. Injuries due to wear and tear or osteoarthritis and those caused by overuse or repetitive strains can often be improved and sometimes reversed with proper treatment and exercises.


Knee injuries that result from trauma, such as sports injuries, falls, or twisting injuries, often require more extensive treatment. In these circumstances, a rehab program is usually needed to relieve pain and restore the knee to its full function.


Hip Injuries

Hip injuries are common conditions chiropractors see as well. The problem can result from previous injuries, excessive weight, arthritis or trauma. Sports and work injuries are common sources of hip pain. Dr. Allan Ettenson works first to find the source of the discomfort and then focuses on treating the injured ligaments, muscles and joints. Joint mobilization and a complete exercise program are usually required to return the joint to full use.


  • Hip arthritis
  • Hip trauma or overuse


Injuries to Other Joints

Injury can occur to almost any joint in the body, leaving you in pain and unsure of what to do. The office of Dr. Allan Ettenson can help you find relief from all of the following joint injuries:


  • Elbow pain
  • Wrist pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Foot pain
  • Jaw pain


Contact our office today to learn more about the treatments we can provide to help you find relief, including neck and back pain treatment in our Etobicoke clinic.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in providing the best possible treatment to manage your injury and relieve your pain. Dr. Allan Ettenson has many years of experience in dealing with patients with both severe and minor injuries. If you’re looking for a trustworthy chiropractor, you should call to book an appointment at our clinic in Etobicoke today.


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